Oral Habits

Your baby will naturally want to suck on fingers and toys. It is their way of gaining pleasure and connecting with people around them. While this helps during the baby stage, you need to find ways to help encourage your child to stop when they are older.

Are these habits bad for teeth?

The improper use of fingers and toys can harm your child’s teeth. If they suck on their fingers too much, they could end up with a cross-bite or an open bite. This is when the upper teeth bite down into the lower teeth rather than coming together in front. You will also notice that your child’s back teeth are getting crowded or pushed forward. This is because your child has been using their fingers for most of their life, and the permanent teeth are getting pushed forward to make room. This can cause a lack of space for their permanent teeth, which can cause dental problems in the future.

When does it become a problem?

You will notice a problem when your child is starting to bite a lot and their permanent teeth are coming in. At the young age of 18 months, you should start noticing how they are eating and if their teeth are emerging properly. You will also notice if your child is experiencing issues with eating and chewing food properly, which can signify that the teeth are not developing properly.