Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry differs from adult dentistry in many ways. Children’s teeth are growing quickly and come in more frequently than adults, which means that they can lose a lot of teeth if not taken care of properly. As early as possible, it is important to have your child on a regular schedule with visits to our office every six months for cleanings and checkups. We will be able to monitor the development of your child’s teeth and gums and catch any problems early.

Age One Visit

A child’s first visit should occur at one year or when the first tooth erupts. The first time our child has a checkup, we will determine the best treatment plan for your child. It is important to take care of your child’s teeth early to avoid cavities and other dental problems as they get older.

Erupting Teeth

A child’s teeth do not come in all at once. Instead, they erupt over several years. Generally, the first tooth will emerge between six and twelve months. At this point, it is important to start examining your child’s mouth every day. Once a tooth erupts, the surrounding teeth begin to move and erupt. It is important to clean your child’s teeth and gums daily to prevent discomfort.

Your Baby’s Hygiene Routine

It is important to get your baby used to a hygiene routine when they erupt their first tooth as a parent. This is also when you should be downloading every important information about your child’s teeth and routine for the future. This includes how to brush and floss properly, how to use fluoridated toothpaste wisely, as well as how to avoid common dental problems. We recommend a manual toothbrush with soft bristles for a child’s first tooth.

Routine Dental Check-Ups

Like adults, routine checkups are important to keep your child’s teeth healthy. We recommend doing teeth cleaning every six months. This is a great time to check and ensure your child’s teeth are not getting cavities or other dental problems. We will start a treatment plan to keep your child’s teeth healthy if we notice any problems.